UBARoyal Belgian Amateur Radio Union

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Online registration form

By filling in this form you can apply to become a member of the UBA. Only if your membership is paid, you will be a valid member of the UBA.

The personal data that you communicate to us is saved into a database that is managed by the membership records of the UBA. This data will be used by the members’ records only, for sending the CQ-QSO, for the QSL service, for the insurance and for the other services that UBA members can enjoy. You have the right to see this data at any time and you can modify it whenever you like (Law of December 8th, 1992 for the protection of the privacy).

Entering a value is obligatory where the * sign is visible.

Callsign or SWL number. If you don't have a callsign, leave it as it. If you have a foreign callsign, just delete "ON" and fill in your callsign.

Add extra callsigns if you are the legitime owner of them.

Even the house number, box, etc.

Zip code with four numbers (only for Belgium). If abroad, enter 0000 and give the zip code in the "city" field between brackets.

Make a choice.

Make your choice if you are living abroad.

Only numbers and "-" sign.

Give the three letter abbreviation of the section of your choice. Look here for an overview of all UBA sections.

(1) Living at the same address (without CQ-QSO).
(2) Give the call sign or SWL n° of the first member.
(3) Proof of a 66% handicap (= 12 points) is obligatory (send it to members [at] uba [dot] be).

See remark (2) above.


When you click on "Send", your information is send to the membership records. If your email address was correctly fill in, you will also receive an email with an overview of all information that you filled in, as well as the guidelines to transfer the membership to the UBA account.
The membership can be transferred on the account BE03 0013 0740 3584 (BIC/SWIFT: GEBABEBB) of the UBA vzw, Drukpersstraat 4 at 1000 Brussels